Arctic Sees Return of Aliens in Latest ARCTIC COMBAT Patch

No, it’s not Aliens vs. Predator 3, which, by the way, how is that not a thing yet? Aliens, of the more general kind, have begun descending on the frozen tundra thanks to the latest patch to MMO shooter ARCTIC COMBAT. Launched originally as a strict PvP shooter, the team at WEBZEN unleashed a new 4-player co-op mode where players battle an alien invasion.

The new Defense Mode pits four gun-wielding players against a swarm of incoming aliens. Protecting a nuclear reactor from ground and aerial assaults, players will battle it out against 15 different types of aliens including bosses and minibosses. Destroying the extra-terrestrial invaders on three different difficult levels award points used to purchase a variety of rewards.

The patch, which marks the first major update since ARCTIC COMBAT’s December 2012 release, also includes a new map, the shotgun, skill upgrades and a revamped AI. WEBZEN is running a new giveaway to promote the patch. Details on the official Facebook page. Media, including screenshots and the official trailer, are after the cut.