Atlantica Online: Create Your Own Mercenary Winner

Atlantica Online is one giant MMORPG! Just a few days ago we informed you of the new housing system. But it seems we were just getting warmed up. Last month NDoors picked up a grand prize winner for the “create your own mercenary” contest, along with five runner-ups. Now the developers want to show you the winner. As some of you may know the winner of the contest,¬†Symban, will have his creation brought to love. His creation is called¬†Camilla: A Vampire Countess derived by the effects of the Oriharukon device in Bran Castle, she floats through the air, draining life from other players to sustain her existence. Camilla looks every bit the part of a Vampire Countess, with jet black hair contrasted against her snow-white skin and blood-stained lips. Players will be able to learn more about this mercenary as we near its release. Congratulations, Symban.