Atlantica Online: Three Kingdoms Update Live

Atlantica Online’s Three Kingdoms update is now live.  The massive Three Kingdoms update introduces a new high level mercenary ,General Guan Yu. Guan Yu’s military expertise is said to be so great that he is worshipped as a god. Drawing upon the power of the Green Dragon, his prowess with a spear and its summoned magic is a work of legend, capable of dealing blow after blow to any enemy that crosses him.

Due to the power struggles associated with the Three Kingdoms period in China, several quests are now available in the game that reflect the shifts in power during that timeframe. Players will soon be able to put their strategies to the test in a variety of dungeons and quests, where they will play alongside iconic Chinese historical warlords, leaders, and soldiers like Cao Cao, Liu Bei and more.

Players will be introduces to new quests and dungeons as well as the Expedition Team feature, which allows players to send a team of mercenaries on various tactical missions, while the player journeys through more important battles.

With more than 30 mercenaries in the game, players will be able to maximize the efficiency of their acquired characters by covering more ground and picking up extra items and experiences along the way. Players will also be able to view their dispatched mercenaries as they engage in battle, giving insight into new combat tactics and strategies.

More information about the Three Kingdoms update can be found on the Nexon Atlantica page.