Starlet Legacy Announced + Trailer

Game publisher GamesCampus announced official announced today the addition of Starlet Legacy to their MMORPG portal.  Starlet Legacy is currently in closed beta, which you can signup for on the official site, and is an action MMORPG with the goal of saving Princess Scarlet.  Hmm, I remember some Nintendo game with that same premise.  Anyway below we have the official Starlet Legacy trailer.  For those of you interested in more information or want to signup for the closed beta, head over to the official Starlet Legacy page.


  1. Typo’s, I think – you’ve called it starlet legacy, not scarlet legacy.

    Though hey, given how most mmorpgs go at the mo, they all try to make you a starlet, aye!? :)

    If you can actually complete this mmorpg by saving her, that’s an interesting development (of course, no doubt they start a new round latter, where she’s been abucted again…but you can atleast finish a full round of the game?)

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