Avoid Battle.net Authenticator Issues when Updating to iOS4 for iPhone

If you were as rabidly anticipating the new version of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad software release, iOS4, as I was, you’ve probably already upgraded your device. But, what do you do if the upgrade sours? Your iPhone crashes and is not functional? Or just as bad, you have a software fluke and your authenticator serial changes, effectively locking you out of your account? If you follow some simple security measures, you can avoid these problems entirely.

The first thing you should do (and have already done) is write down your authenticator serial number. This is a number unique to your device that’s used to generate the codes. If you have the serial number, you can call Blizzard and have the authenticator removed at any time . Store it in a safe place. I put mine in a Google Document, where I will probably never erase it and I can always access it. This way, if my phone gets lost or destroyed, or if I accidentally uninstall the authenticator, I will be able to save it at any time.

To find your serial number, follow these steps.

Open the app
Go back to the menu
Touch “Setup”. Now write this number down.

However, it’s still a pain to remove the authenticator with the serial. You still have to get on the phone with Blizzard. If you are doing a software or firmware upgrade, it might be best to play it safe and temporarily remove your authenticator. Here’s how:

Log onto Battle.net. Go to “Change Security Options”
Press Battle.net Authenticator
Enter in two consecutive keys

Don’t forget to re-add it when you are done and make sure you remember to write down your serial number in case it changed.

Anyone have any authenticator horror stories?

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  1. horror story yes…of anyone is familiar with Mac products they know how easy ipstung and syncing stuff is, so it never crossed my mind about the authenticator not transferring smoothly, etc…but as I know now, these shitty mobile authenticators suck…the app works fine on née iPhone…but the s/n is wrong so I can’t log on…I emailed blizz cause the phone lines are busy…they wanted my old s/n which of coarse I don’t have, so they want me to photo copy my drivers license with a signed copy of terms of use….what a pain in the ass…blizzard authenticator fail…I’ll prob just cancel my account…I mean yes it was “my” fault for not reading/remembering all the details…but damn

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