Fists of Fu: Closed Beta Announced with Downloadable Client


The family friendly, kung-fu brawler Fists of Fu will be entering its closed Beta Wednesday, June 23rd. Fists of Fu is a ā€œ2.5Dā€ beat-em-up MMORPG with an anime style look. One cool thing about Fu is that it offers player-killing for rare items ā€“ a rather cut throat way of handling the action for what looks like a kid-centric game.

To check out what Fists of Fu looks like, and get a jump on the action by downloading the Fist of Fu client free from their website, click here.

To help push gamers to play Fu, Outspark will be also be running a series of weekly comic strips. Check out this week’s below. (Click to enhance).

[singlepic id=71 w=580 h=350 float=left]

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