Azeroth’s Beauty Contest: Top 10 Hottest WoW Characters (Part 1)

A while back, I undertook the great burden of documenting who I thought fall into the category of Top 10 Ugliest Creatures in WoW. You all seemed to enjoy it.

I’ve been hesitating to flip that coin and rate the top 10 hottest characters. Mostly because that phrase alone leaves me with the feeling that trashyness is about to ensue. But fear not, dear readers! Yes, the hotness is based mostly on appearances, but we’ll also explore a little bit of lore that goes along to emphasize “inner beauty.” Let’s try to keep this little beauty pageant of sorts classy.

And as an FYI to any of you who happened across this site and are not familiar with my writing — yes, I am a girl. And while female hotness (in my opinion) greatly outweighs male hotness in World of Warcraft, it is not on its own. Both sexes are proudly represented in this fun little list. So let’s get on to the judging!

10. Blood-Queen Lana’thel — Hers is a story of battle and tragedy fueled by the wish of revenge against the scourge who had destroyed her homeland. While still a blood elf, Lana’thel came across the powerful blade, Quel’Delar, and sought to use it to strike against the Lich King. But all who stood against the Lich King fell, and Lana’thel was no exception.

She was, however, one of those chosen to serve the Lich King in undeath. So she became blood-queen of the San’layn, and she carried out these duties in Icecrown obediently. But a part of her remembered her past life and grew maddened — perhaps even a bit insane — leading her to destroy Quel’Delar and scatter its fractured pieces far and wide.

While certainly not one of the greatest heroes of her race, Lana’thel’s complexity contributes to her beauty, even in undeath.

9. Garona Halforcen –Another beautifully complicated character, Garona herself has even been confused at times about her heritage. As a half-orc, half-dranei assassin, Garona had for much of her life believed that she was half-human. But while raised among orcs, she was not accepted as one because of her small frame and was even thought to be ugly and deformed. Thankfully, we know better.

Although Garona may have lacked respect — even self-respect — she masterfully learned to take care of herself and as a result excelled in other areas, which others sought to take advantage of. An assassin and master spy, she became emissary to Medivh and even had his son before discovering his betrayal. She is perhaps most known for reluctantly carrying out orders to assassinate King Llane Wrynn, who also was her trusted friend.

She may be confused at times, but Garona certainly never lacks passion, which is part of what brings that sexy spark of mischief to her appearance.

8. Queen Azshara — Perhaps one of the leaders most loved by her people in Warcraft lore, Azshara was beautiful, but certainly not without faults. Before the War of the Ancients, Queen Azshara was the beloved ruler of Night Elves and overseer of the Highbornes’ magics, even having the capital city named after her and her enchanting beauty.

But nothing lasts forever. As one of the main forces behind Sargeras’ arrival in Azeroth with the Burning Legion, Azshara’s betrayal to her people and all of Azeroth would forever change the world. Regardless, some say that she still rules over her most loyal attendants, transformed — perhaps by the Old Gods — into a frighteningly beautiful undersea ruler. Her form may have changed, but depictions of her as a Naga suggest that she maintains her irresistible nature.

7. King Varian Wrynn — Also known as also known as Lo’Gosh the Ghost Wolf, the King of Stormwind is known for his tenacity and fierce loyalty to the Alliance. He’s had one heck of a story up until now (which iTZKooPA summed up well in a previous post), and makes it not too difficult to fathom why he seems to wear a scowl quite frequently. Regardless, his history of successful fighting skills means that in a pinch, I would want him in my corner.

As for what landed him on this list, I must say that he wears that suit of armor quite well. And — hello — he’s a king. A single one at that (tragic).

6. Succubus — Every member of an entire race of demons takes up my number 6 spot. And it’s because each and every one of them oozes sex appeal. These stunningly beautiful companions of warlocks are masters of manipulating emotions. With her voluptuous form squeezed into a leather corset, long legs exposed and carrying a suggestive whip, the succubus doesn’t even need those mesmerizing, glowy eyes. But she still has them — if you manage to gaze above her neck, she’ll still suck you in.

If that wasn’t enough, her magical powers will do you in. Or perhaps her little laugh and gasp when she cracks her whip. Stay away.

Keep watch for part 2 of the beauty pageant, coming up in the next few days. Anyone care to gamble on who will make the top 5?


  1. I’m wondering if maybe Tyrande will show up on this list… only time will tell though!

    Also, if Zul’jin doesn’t show up for the top 5 of this list, he better get his own list! Despite trying to kill everyone, Zul’jin and the Amani are awesome.

  2. oh Lady Jaina Proudmoore better make the list. Same with Magni Bronzebeard,just cus he is freakin Awsome! Thrall maybe, Sylvanas, deffinitly. and lastly Dranei Females all together. ^_^

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