Global Agenda Free To Play Begins Today

"Pewpewpew" will reverberate from my speakers again.

Mid-April indeed. Hi-Rez Studios is currently in the midst of pushing out the latest content patch for Global Agenda. You know, the content patch that morphs the game from an expansion-based business model to the free-to-play structure. We reported on it a week ago. You were totally there.

The Free Agent content patch, or v1.4 for those keeping score at home, does not simply re-reinvent how Hi-Rez Studios plans to separate you from your greenbacks. There is some content in that there patch, specifically a Dome Defense mission, a Capture The Flag-style Mercenary map with pilotable robots and revamps to all specialization trees (*glee*).

Third-person shooter aficionados will be interested in the premium account, dubbed Elite Agent status. A one-time fee of $19.99 will upgrade a purchaser’s account to the epeen heavy title and award the associated characters with extra XP, loot, credits and the ability to select which Mercenary maps they wish to play (rather than being randomly placed in one).

Just short of God Mode.

Enough of the jibber-jabber. You can view the lengthy patch notes, which describe the changes to character gear and spec trees, here. You know, if you’re in to that sort of thing.