1. The common question is, did your friend buy anything from those gold farmer sites. I know that there should not have been any “connection” to you but “common sense” should be that all attempts to log into a site irregardless of the fact that you didn’t authenticate will show which IP address you came from.

  2. Your account was used in illegal activity. It doesn’t matter if you were aware or not. En Masse doesn’t play around and I’m glad they are strict on these sort of things. There are never any bots ingame and they frown upon purchasing gold and even sharing accounts. Your account is your own and it is your responsibility to take proper measures so that the account does not get in the wrong hands. For instance, a strong password and setting up device lock.

  3. Did you see that new Xbox Live Mass Bannings for people who downloaded games listed as free from Xbox? O no let’s not say “Our Bad” and let some fans have a couple free games, lets Ban EVERYONE that downloaded Our own F-UP and kill our PR, and sales and chances of Xbox ONe sales. That’s not just stupid, it’s bad company tactics

  4. @Default:
    You didn’t read the entire post, did you? He didn’t do anything. He half-logged into his friend’s account. That’s IT. His account wasn’t touched – it was his IP being connected to his friend’s account. That’s IT.

  5. i doubt they ban by IP. Then they would have to ban entire college communities. There is most likely missing information from this post. kudos to slander!

  6. YE, seems there is something missing in this story.
    If there isn’t, it’s really bad for En Masse to provide such a bad and unreliable service for Tera.

    Tera seems cursed out of Asia grounds anyway. Gameforge is not doing a good job as publisher of the game in Europe neither.

    Good thing i stoped playing this flop 1 month after the EU/US release tbh.


  7. Theres definitely many stories of companies banning people for seemingly unfair reasons. Sometimes it is the company using poor information or community managers on power trips. Other times its players manipulating the story in their favor. His story seems reasonable, it’d just be a highly overprotective decision by TERA.

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  9. Is there any way to contact En Masse support directly? Or did you keep sending them support tickets? I got banned for some reason unknown to me, and I already sent a support ticket requesting En Masse for a reason. I have received no answer yet, and I am desperate to get my account back; my level 52 Warrior is in there, and all the items I worked so hard to get.

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