Infinite Crisis: Enter the Catwoman

A new champion has entered the fight to save the DC Multiverse from total annihilation – Catwoman! Reflexes, martial arts, a deadly whip and a hot catsuit – what more could you ask for?

How about a video, and a beta? If you like what you see, there’s even a Founder’s Pack!

Infinite Crisis is filling out its supers roster, and accepting beta applications as you read this. If you like MOBAs, keep on reading for the details. I like the blurb about raining down fire and throwing cars. Nothing says fun like smashing a few buildings to rubble, tossing some cars, and summoning fire from the sky!

As Gotham City master criminal turned mischievous vigilante, Catwoman’s attitude starts fights as quickly as her martial prowess ends them. After her mother’s suicide, Selina Kyle’s father drank himself to an early grave. Selina was moved to an abusive state home from which she quickly escaped, taking to the streets. Petty thievery quickly became talented burglary, until she encountered Batman. The two soon discovered a mutual attraction, but due to… complications, neither party has ever fully committed to a romantic relationship.

Catlike reflexes, mastery of the martial arts, and a deadly whip make Catwoman a formidable and resourceful opponent.

I want to play that. :) If you like what you see, sign up for the beta, or purchase a Founder’s Pack to ensure beta access as well as early access to Coast City.

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