Changes Again

Just short of the release of StarCraft II, the website component of has undergone yet another facelift, both in terms of look and basic functionality. Gone is the “bluish” motif associated with the StarCraft interface, now replaced with a chunkier black-and-white design, large icons, and all sorts of bits that slide in and out (which, I realize, sounds kind of dirty). Sign-in is now handled by a pop-up dialog and each of Blizzard’s franchises now has its own separate site in addition to the list of games you currently own (with the option to buy those you don’t have on the fly).

Only the StarCraft II website is fully-featured (and it is different from the official site, though it looks like it could be set to replace it), but the others have placeholders and look to be fleshed out in due time. As it is, for World of Warcraft and Diablo III, there are simply a few links to community features and purchase options (for the former), along with other associated ephemera.

I’m not sure how this new design is much of an improvement over the old one, which seemed to work just as well. It just kind of feels different, and I think it may take some time for people to figure out where all the familiar features are.


  1. Oh no, not liking this change at all.

    Granted, some change is hard at the begining, when you’re used to the old style.
    My reason? Well, I’m visually impaired, and the old site was really easy on my eyes, this one though? All I can say is eyestrain, even with the browser changes I’ve made.

    Barugaara, Thanks, you made me lol :)

    Now, if you’d please excuse me, I need to go throw up, the site has given me a migraine…


  2. Ahh well, I can’t blame them for trying.
    I don’t go there much anyway, except to check for my non-existent beta invite :(

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