StarCraft II: Ghosts of the Past Trailer

We’re only about a week out from the game’s release and the hype train is in full gear with a new, extended trailer featuring many of the characters we’ve come to know and love in full, glorious, high-definition! It turned out to be the final unlock in the¬†promotional “Join the Domion!” event.¬†Of course, with the launch version of StarCraft II containing the Terran campaign, the trailer focuses primarily on the struggle between Raynor and Mengsk, as well as his regret over what happened to Kerrigan. What I see here gives me very high hopes for the story and the cinematic way in which the game will play out.

But, really, “Ghosts of the Past” kind of speaks for itself…


And, yes Blizzard, I did catch the pun in the title.


  1. Just keep showing awesome things guys, make me want to buy all these games :l

    Sooner or later I will, but you’ve sped up the inevitable!

  2. It’s videos like these that make me jump up and go


    Freaking epic. I swear some of the creative writers for these plots should become screen-play writers for movies. I’d pay big bucks to see a Star Craft movie as with Warcraft.

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