Beta Testing Begins for F2P Quirky MMO “Glitch”

Beta testing is scheduled to begin today for an interesting take on the F2P browser-based flash MMO. “Glitch,” which has been undergoing alpha testing for about a year, is a game that takes place within the minds of “eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants.” According to the official website, “You choose how to grow and shape the world: building and developing, learning new skills, collaborating or competing with everyone else in one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world.”

The developers — Vancouver- and San Fransisco-based Tiny Speck, including four original members of the Flickr founding team — definitely have a sense of humor that is clear all over the website. I’m picking out a few quotes about the game from the FAQ so you can get a bit of a feel before after watching the teaser trailer posted below.

And the humorous beta trailer, which pokes fun at the waiting game, but offers little new information about the game. Regardless, it’s cute. Click through to watch and read up about the game.

What makes Glitch different?

For starters, it’s all one big world. Which means everyone is playing the same game and anyone’s actions have the ability to affect every other player in the game. It also involves very little war, moats, spaceships, wizards, mafiosos, or people with implausibly large muscles. Also: we have egg plants. Egg plants make it very different.

What can I kill in Glitch?

Your time! The game is mostly non-violent and you don’t spend your time fighting people (except maybe those who have the nerve to vie with you for economic, political or religious supremacy). It’s more of a collaborative simulation where the direction the world takes emerges out of the collective action of the players, rather than the top-down whim of a single person acting as god, as in traditional single-player simulation games.

What’s the point?

As much as anything, Glitch is an experiment in culture building. We provide lots of raw materials and environment, but without you there is no point! Play Glitch and you’ll have a chance to shape the world, to form it into wherever your imagination takes you.

What are your initial impressions of the game — does it look like something you would be interested in? Personally, I’m hoping to get in on the Beta myself so I can report back with some first-hand impressions. If you’re also interested in registering for the beta, fill out a quick form at the Glitch website to be considered.


  1. My initial thoughts from watching the videos is.. “wha…?”

    Just utter confusion…

    Then again, I’ve always been more interested in the more action-oriented games, so..

  2. The trailer doesn’t really give you a lot but I’d be willing to take a go at it. I REALLY remember loving SIM Earth back on the day on my ancient Mac and anything like this could be a very welcome change.

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