New TERA Trailer Released: “Vision”

En Masse Entertainment, the company tasked with translating and adapting the Korean-developed MMORPG for a Western audience, released a new trailer today. There’s some gameplay footage, and various staffers from the company chime in about the game’s “vision” along the way (hence the name).

Despite the fact that TERA still doesn’t have a release date around these parts, it’s been out in its native land for a couple of months now, and impressions have generally been very positive. Savvy Westerners can even play the game right now as long as they can secure an account attached to a Korean SSN and some game time cards. Personally, I’m going to save myself the hassle and wait for the localized beta, but this trailer is making it very hard to do so.

Make sure to watch through the end to see some of the crazy elite/boss creatures the game intends to throw at you!