Bioware announces SWTOR Refer-a-Friend program

Starting tomorrow, active SWTOR players will be able to invite up to three friends to join them along their journey; as long as that journey is on one of the four origin planets. Players who are invited will have a 7-day free trial; however, that will be restricted to the four starter planets.

Was there a meeting I missed or something? Because I could have sworn that it was decided that limited free trials suck, and limited-limited free trials suck even more.

With SWTOR being one of the fastest leveling MMORPG’s to date, if you played along with a friend, who is presumably level 20 or higher, wouldn’t you fly though the starter planet in, oh I don’t know, a few hours? Why in the world would I need 7 days, when I could probably complete it in one?

Just another lesson for Bioware to learn, and I’m sure we’ll see the unlimited to level 20 free-trial in a few months. Once they realize their mistake.

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  1. It really amazes me how many basic mistakes they’re making, considering they have Mythic to guide them. It’s true that the current Mythic is light years away from the Mythic that produced DAOC, but there should still be a couple of experienced people that I’m sure could give solid advice, if listened.

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