Guild Summit Live Stream

For live coverage of Guild Summit Day 2, check out the live stream after the jump. The next session will begin in little over an hour from now, at 3:00pm EST. Here are the highlights of the morning session so far, courtesy of


  • Fast growing subscription game in North America
  • Sold through 2 million copies
  • Players average 5 hours per day in game
  • 3.8 million characters created
  • Game Update 1.1 introduced Rise of the Rakghouls
  • New Flashpoint and Operation less than a month after launch
  • March 1, opened servers in the Asia Pacific region
  • Weekly maintenance – focused on fixing bugs
What’s Next?

Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic – launches March 6 – allows you to invite 3 of your friends to play for free for a week.

Game Update 1.2: Legacy

  • New Warzone – Novarre Coast
  • Operation – Explosive Conflict
  • FP: The Lost Island
  • Expanded Legacy system
  • Family tree
  • Legacy abilities
  • Legacy species unlock – chiss smugglers!
  • New Corellia dallies
  • Guild Banks
  • In game limited time events, created by a dedicated team – full team dedicated to making the SW universe feel like a living, breathing place
  • Guild Banks – coming in 1.2, shared bank guild members can use – can unlock up to 7 separate tabs, monetary based. Detailed controls for guild leaders – more on that to follow later today.
  • Timeline for 1.2 – legacy system is designed to help encourage you to play other characters
  • Exact date is “Soon”. J. Ohlen – exact dates are not given bc they want to make sure they’ve done all the appropriate testing so that all bugs are worked out. Aim is early April, but that’s as close as they can say for now.
Our live Guild Summit stream is below.


  • 2:00pm – Operations/Flashpoints Discussion
  • 2:45pm – Player vs. Player Discussion
  • 3:30pm – Legacy Presentation
  • 4:00pm – Economy/Crew Skills Discussion
  • 4:30pm – Roleplayer’s Discussion
  • 5:00pm – Guild Features Discussion
  • 5:30pm – User Interface Presentation
  • 6:00pm – “…And The Rest”