BioWare's Blaine Christine Shares Player Response to Recent External Testing

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This week, 11-year industry vet Blaine Christine provides a glimpse into the life of a Live Producer at Bioware. Christine’s job keeps him in pace with the development team, assuring that QA testing meets the needs of designers and frees the game of any major bugs. When he’s not participating in LARPing parties every night, Christine is overseeing the recently initiated external testing phase that introduced some select players to the current stages of the game.

On the overall, player response is widely positive with a focus on strong quest dialogue and immersion. Here’s what they had to say:

“As one of those people who didn’t really care about story in an MMO, after playing Star Wars: The Old Republic I can’t imagine playing another MMO unless it has as much focus on story as TOR does.” – PA

“I’ve been waiting years and years and years for an MMORPG experience like this. The combat is incredible and never gets old. The grind is gone. I am so happy the grind is gone (so, so very happy). The stories are fantastic, well written, well acted, well animated, incredibly immersive, and the inclusion of choice takes it into territory that other MMOs have only dreamed of. Lastly, this game makes you feel like a bad***. The entire time. And I love that.” – JA

“This is the Jedi game to end all Jedi games. If you’re a gamer and you don’t throw your hands up in triumph when you get your first lightsaber, you’re not really alive. This game is, bar none, the best interactive Star Wars experience ever.” – VI

“I suppose my only major complaint was that when I jumped into the sarlaac’s belly on Tatooine, I did not find a new definition of pain and suffering from being slowly digested over a thousand years. It is still early though. I’m sure they will fix that before release.” – CL


  1. The industry vet is only 11 years old, or has Blaine been in the “old industry” for 11 years? An 11 y/o kid doesn’t sound much like a vet to me…

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