Lore Hound LiveCast Episode 2: Round Two, Déjà vu

After some slight technical difficulties, we return with our rescheduled episode to cover now four months of delicious content. Be here to watch it live on Saturday, February 26th at 12 p.m. PST (3 p.m. EST). Or you can view it on our Facebook page, or Livestream page.

Continue on to see a refresh view of items we might be discussing. But remember: Anything is possible — and in fact, the topic list is subject to change drastically depending on what viewers want to hear or talk about. So make sure to come back at showtime!

Whatcha Been Playin?

Kyle: World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons (3.5), Magic: The Gathering

Nathan: World of Warcraft, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons (3.5), Minecraft


World of Warcraft

  • Favorite Zones
  • Guild Experience Reduced by 90%
  • Guild Advancement and Its Flaws
  • PvP
  • Class Changes
  • Overall Changes in 4.06
  • Difficult Raid Content

Starcraft II

  • Blizzard-made Custom Maps in beta: Left 2 Die, Auir Chef, and StarJeweled

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Trek Online

Fallen Earth



  • New MMO concepts to hit the market, such as Forsaken World’s Player Gods, and Server vs. Server combat. How will it stand up, and just how revolutionary is this?
  • With just two weeks left until the convention season starts for 2011, beginning with Emerald City ComicCon (which we’ll be at and covering what we find relevant), what are our speculations going in to Convention 2011 for the gaming industry.


  1. I see there’s some Vindictus news. If you want to see how much the EU are looking forward to this (still unreleased) game over here, I’d suggest go look at the Vindicvtus EU facebook page. (or should that be facebook RAGE?)
    Reading some of the comments within, it seems Nexon EU may get lynched if they ever show their faces in the EU with an even slightly buggy game…

  2. Did it happen? if so, how’d it go?
    Sorry i couldnt make it. just got back from hospital. i have an ear infection, chest infection and laryngitis. had an episode there where i couldnt swallow anything at all, so had to go get something done about it :(

  3. Hey Mordil, did you check out the EU Vindictus facebook page?
    Go give it a look, it helps when you’re feeling down, just reading a few comments there makes my life seem all fluffy bunnies and sweet smelling roses :)

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