Black Prophecy: Episode 1 Combat Abilities Preview

Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima is the first major content updated for Black Prophecy which is set to be released sometime in July.  Today via the Prophecy Nation blog,  we have the first details to what some of the new combat abilities are going to be.

Pilots will now be able to equip Special Items for addition offensive, defensive or supportive solutions while they are docked in a station.  This addition adds a new layer to players role in combat and required players to think ahead to what items they will need depending on what the mission requires.

Currently only information on three items have been released.  For offense we have the Explosive Charge which will increase the radius of all explosive weapons and missiles the ship is equipped with by X% for 20 seconds. The cooldown is 60 seconds.   I’m assuming X will depend on your level or other attributes.

For defensive there is the Shockwave which will knock back all enemy ships within a radius of X meters, but those ships not suffer any damage from it. The cooldown is 40 seconds.

The supportive item is Scattered tele-repair which can repair hull damage for all  friendly ships within a radius of 350 meters by X. The cooldown is 120 seconds.

Below was have some screenshots showing off the above items in actions.

[imagebrowser id=757]