Blacklight: Retribution Open Beta Live!

Interested in Call of Duty: Elite but don’t want to pay for the Premium Membership? Zombie Studios has the answer in Blacklight: Retribution and Perfect World Entertainment announced earlier today that the title is now in Open Beta.

The push to near release has this blogger in a tither, especially since the latest version change includes a full content update. New maps, pre-constructed hero classes and even crafting and socketing systems have been added to the “Free FPS to beat.”

  • New Multiplayer Maps – Three new maps will be released throughout the Open Beta period. Today sees the release of Vortex, shown in this video. Except firefights around every corner.
  • Playable Hero Characters – Get a unique look as well as a defined role by utilizing Heroes classes pre-built for battle.
  • Data Nodes – Increase abilities and maximize damage with new socketing and crafting systems.

I’ll be the player mowing down opponents in the hardsuit.