Blade and Soul Release Date: January 19!

destroyer_02Followers of NCSoft’s upcoming martial arts MMO can call in their vacation time now – Blade and Soul will be releasing in North America and Europe on January 19th, 2016!

The game will be available in fully localized English, French and German, and those with early access will be able to begin playing as early as January 15th. The game is free to play, but as is the norm, Founder’s Packs are available, and will continue to be available until the head start.

At launch, Blade and Soul will have a level cap of 45, a 1v1 arena, and an additional 2 dungeons that were not featured in the closed betas: Blackram Supply Chain and E. Fleet Supply Chain. They intend to have a regular flow of additional content patches, with more details as to what is coming after the game goes live. Want to learn more?

Read the official launch date announcement here.

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