Brawlhalla Hits the Masses, First Bow Hero Unleashed

lh_brawlhalla_metadev_orionI’m going to come clean and admit that I’m writing this post purely to get rid of the Diesel Orion skin you see to the right. The closed beta codes are no longer worth the paper or ink their printed on – let alone the plastic sleeve! – because the platform brawler is now into its open beta testing phase. That was the first thing that returned my interest to the old staple of F2P Friday and QuakeCon 2015 societal grease. The second is Ember, a new Legend with a new weapon, the first ever bow.

Ember comes by way of the title’s first major update, according to their marketing, the new game modes and skins from E3 2015 notwithstanding. The first open beta patch includes a step up in server capacity due to the 100,000+ players that beat the crap out of each other thanks to the incredible 94% rating on Steam. But let’s not forget that bow. That constitutes an entire new weapon class and gives Ember a huge unique factor combined with her katanas. How’ll that play out in ranked? We’ll find out in an upcoming Brawlhalla filled F2P Friday. Complete with more Diesel Orion codes!