Blizzard Confirms Next Gen MMO in the Works!

Yesterday Blizzard confirmed what everyone else already knew, that they are secretly working on a new MMOG. Over at, they were told by Frank Pearce, founding Blizzard member and senior vice president of product development, that a group titled “Team 3” has been working on this new MMO.

“Team 3,” comprised of about 40 members separate from the Starcraft and Warcraft teams.”

The fact this new team is made of past Starcraft and Warcraft team members makes one think that the new MMO could quite possibly be based on the Starcraft universe. I mean if they were going with Diablo I would think there would be a good number of past devs from that team. Or maybe it’s just my bias since I really really want a Starcraft MMO. I know Geoff is rooting for a Diablo MMO.