World of Warcraft Players Game the Longest

Today the Nielsen Company released stats for the Top 10 PC Games for April 07 – Nov 07 based on percentage of gamers playing said game. World of Warcraft leads, nay destroys all other PC games, with .792% of all PC gamers playing an average of 1023 minutes per week or 17.05 hrs!! The only game to comes close to that weekly average is Runescape, another MMORPG, with 11.46 hrs/week although it comes in 3rd with percentage of gamers who are playing that game.

The fact that WOW players are gaming over 17 hrs/week isn’t as big of a shock as the fact that nearly .8% of all PC gamers are playing WOW. Thats just insanity.

Source: Nielsen Games
AU% is the percent of PC Gamers playing title in the average minute


  1. So if ~9M people play WoW, there’s roughly 900M PC gamers in the world. Considering there’s what, around 6B humans on this planet, that makes about 16% of the world’s population a PC gamer.

    That’s pretty insane when you consider most of these games are run in MS Windows environments. No wonder MS is so loaded! ;)

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