Blizzard Officially Discontinues WoW Trading Card Game

The best card of any set (from Throne of the Tides)!

First released by Upper Deck Entertainment way back in 2005, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is coming to an end. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the July release of Timewalkers: Reign of Fire will be the final set for the popular TCG. If you missed out on the chance for some rare loot you don’t have to develop a time machine to secure a wanted loot card. Reign of Fire has every previous loot card released as a possible discovery.

There will be no future official tournaments for WoW TCG. Unlike the previous break between Upper Deck and Blizzard, the company has no plans select a new partner after the current partnership with Cryptozoic ends.

You’re probably thinking “Okay, with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in closed beta this makes sense.” And you’d be correct. The digital collectible card game is progressing through Blizzard’s notoriously long development system at an expedited pace. Reception has been positive from most if not all angles.

That being said, Blizzard understand the attachment people may have to the physical aspects of the TCG and just plain sitting down with friends to battle it out or take on a raid. To those dedicated fans of the universe, or just the TCG, Blizzard had the following to say:

You made ripping open booster packs, discovering the wonders they held, and then building decks and taking them into battle a truly awesome experience.

Thank you all again for your support in making the WoW TCG one of the most epic trading card games of all time.