BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: StarCraft II Story Q&A

This is a transcript of the live-blogging done by Heartbourne for Blizzcon 2010.
Heartbourne here. coverage starting
first question: what is kerrigan doing in heart of the swarm?
response: kerrigan has ALWAYS been manipulated. heart of the swarm is her first freedom. how will her and raynor interact?
“is valerian mensk sticking around?” he has a “role to play” in how things shape up
“psi blades are pulled from within, warp blades are pulled from without” what
oic. manifesting the void

“are player choices in WoL canon?” answers: raynor sided with tosh and he helped the colonists against selendis
“we do have the technology to check your save game by the way”
“whats duran up to?” he is not forgotten. someone brought up a book with the insurrection campaign. what
“how far in the future is HotS?” “should we answer?” “it takes place after”
“after WoL, unspecificed amount of time. greater than 1 hour, less than 100 years:
“will we see xel’naga in the game?” “all things will be revealed, buuuut its a weird question. there are multiple forms, what did they look like 1m years ago? 4m years ago? they are part of it ALL”
“whats up with earth and the UED?” “its fertile ground, but we arent going there in sc2”
“mensk was so surprised about the odin. how did he not know about that with tychus and whatnot?” “i dont think mensk always had a direct feed open. he kept it on the dl to not get caught. it did fast, rare transmissions to not get caught. work with us here”
“starcraft 2 novels?” “*mumble*…no we haven’t” “There is more where that comes from. Devil’s Due, written by Christie Golden, direct sequel. About Tychus and Raynor’s rebel days”
metzen: “when the kerrigan threat… wait… plothole. why did mengsk let tychus out before the zerg invasion?” “use him to destroy raynor. see what happens”
“is tychus dead?” metzen: “i say yes, artists say no. lots of infested tychus art”
“the transformation of kerrigan back to terran might be a side effect of something else the artifact is doing. its not that convenient”
“did the dominion know what they were doing with the hybrids?” “someone did. it was not a happy accident in a lab somewhere.” sounds like duran to me.
“things have gone downhill with mengsk since media blitz. he is still in charge, but he is in a far more desperate state”
“are you going to kill donnie vermillion in HotS?” “we’ll see what we can do. we’ll try to get him shot if we can”. I hear he is an android
“we totally had a scene where he was revealed to be a robot, but we cut it, so its not canon, but he was in development”
“why did raynor forget about fenix?” “he didnt. it aint over yet. there are still things that will play out.”
“is the queen of blades a different person or just a pissed off sarah kerrigan?”
“is tassadar done with or is his ghost gonna be kicking around?” “lets handle this delicately: we can’t talk about the protoss campaign, but there is a connection between a’dun, tassadar, and farther, there is a lot of rich potential there with the khala. its too premature at this point to comment”
“why is kerrigan so weak in WoL? She was all-powerful in brood war.” “her forces were all over looking for the artifact. raynor was targeted and focused”
“how do some of the more esoteric characters and beings in the manga play into the lore?” “we are still discussing that, and its premature to comment”
“we probably weren’t supposed to talk about that book. I don’t know when the publishing date.”
“have you noticed the parallels in warcraft and starcraft? kerrigan/thrall, zerg/orc?” “thats a complicated question that would give too much away. heart of the swarm is about what is ‘this girl’ about, and what is the swarm about? it runs far deeper than you’ve seen. i don’t think we are going to turn the zerg into a lawful, good force”
“the zerg are absolutely the worst thing that can happen to your day. its complicated, but they are not misunderstood, they are bad monsters. thrall went through an enlightenment, kerrigan went through a corruption and downfall”
“matt horner. mira han. these are awesome secondary characters. tychus has overshadowed them. discuss” “we love these characters and want to explore them”
“is kerrigan to HotS as raynor is to WoL?” “idk. any WoL questions?” “how did raynor beat selendis?” “suspension of disbelief.”
“does kerrigan get her hair back or does she keep the dreads?” “unanswerable at this time. she’ll keep it for at least a little bit”
“narud/duran. is the spelling thing intentional.” “Who would do that?”
there are lots of questions poking a plotholes. they are saying “keep playing. not now”
“how much leeway do authors have to expand the universe?” “we outline almost all stories as a team. we usually aren’t very comfortable with authors doing their own things unless its very ambiant-type stuff”
“did WoL end differently before release?” “it almost ended with the gunshot, but in terms of overarching story, we had it figured out as a critical theme for awhile”
panel over! contests in half an hour. heartbourne signing off for now.