BlizzCon 2010: Lorecast Episode 25.1 – BlizzCon Day 1 Recap (Come See Juggynaut’s Face!)

In this very special Lorecast, the crew gets together in front of a camera – even Juggynaut – and chats about Day 1 of BlizzCon 2010. We discuss our impressions of the opening ceremony, panels, the general atmosphere, Jay Mohr and the dance contestant that “broke his leg.” It turns out he will walk again. That’s what we get for taking a comedian’s diagnosis.

Due to the legnth of the discussion, the video podcast is spread across three videos. Hit the jump to view all of iTZKooPA, Juggynaut and Mordil in full HD glory. Yes, we’re pretty enough for HD.


  1. … … I … I am not worthy…
    I must admit I always imagined Juggy as much older, when going by his voice.
    Also, WTB Lorehound shirt! =P

    -Does this mean I need to get my pencil out again and do a ‘true Juggy’/Mordil duo?

  2. Haha, Yes! Draw me!

    This was a ton of fun.

    It’s just a slight shame we don’t live closer to each other to do these more often :P

  3. once again, yall did an awsome job on the vids. and damn, after 2 years of a voice-in-a-box, finally get to see a face. BTW you still play your Druid Juggy? and are you still with TRG?

  4. He mostly plays with his Shaman.

    Yes, he is still in TRG.

    TRG and Rocket Surgeons recently formed a Raid Group and got Alliance First H LK 25m on Executus.

  5. Great video, I’ve seen every single project lore episode and its pretty cool to finally see Juggy come out of the box :P

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