Blizzcon 2010 WoW Mini-Pet and SC2 Rewards

Patrons of Blizzcon probably have a small collection of murlocs from attending the events. If you are attending the convention this year or purchasing the live streaming coverage, you will receive this cute little guy, Deathy, for all of your current and future WoW characters:

If you are more of a Starcraft II player, you can grab some goodies as well. You’ll get a Murky the murloc marine portrait and some “deep sea decals”.

Are you going to grab these bad boys?


  1. He looks awesome, but I can’t help thinking he should be called Deathfin not Deathy, even if it does break tradition. MRGLMRGLMRGL nonetheless!

  2. ahh well, just re-read a few bits, and it seems i was wrong…
    But Deathy does sound a little lame. Still a cool pet tho :)

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