New Faxion Screenshots

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Today marks the release of three new screenshots for Faxion Online, a new MMO scheduled to release its beta before the end of the year.

While information about this extremely interesting looking title is rare, the old screenshots and especially the new ones show us that this game definitely has a lot of potential as far as gameplay is concerned.

So far, the only two classes that have been released are the Crusader and Marauder, which seem to be mirror images of each other.  They both will be melee fighters, gear dependent, and all that jazz but the mirroring of the characters makes sense when you relate them to the concept of the game.

I’m assuming like most MMOs we can expect the release of a caster class, a healer class and a rogue or assassin-type class very soon.

The game sounds like it will focus heavily on PvP and territory control (akin to Warhammer Online), and Faxion has made it clear that it will be focusing on avoiding altogether the standard experience and level grind associated with MMOs in general.

In a press release from Faxion in May of this year, they say:

At the time of game launch, players will be able to choose one of three fully-featured worlds that make up Faxion Online: Heaven, Hell and Limbo. Players will have a host of character-customization options as they choose their skills, abilities and progression paths. Additionally, Faxion Online puts an irreverent twist on the usually serious subjects of heaven, hell and the seven deadly sins. Faxion Online is expected to enter beta stages in late 2010.

MMOCrunch will be keeping you updated with the anticipated media releases and beta announcements scheduled for the end of this year.