BlizzCon 2011: A Human-Powered Sindragosa

BlizzCon is fantastic for many reasons that Blizzard explicitly provides. The exclusive announcements, interviews, tournaments, swag, statues, panels and so much more. But, as the company’s employees often suggest, it’d be absolutely nothing without the community that has grown around the company. The collective determination to excellence has itself spawned and unimaginable community composed of scores of skilled and creative people.

Much of this is on showcase at the various fan contests, from dancing to costumes to various “core” artforms. And yet, each BlizzCon, you can happen across something from the community that impresses the most jaded fan. Take for instance the above human-powered Sindragosa. At least, that’s what I have taken to calling it.

This three person contraption may have been at BlizzCon 2010, but I didn’t see it until now and it’s a sight to behold and hear, thanks to snapping jaws and scrapping claws. The above video gives you the full 360 degree tour and and an in-her-face show of the glowing maw.