Lineage External Gameplay Trailer

The official trailer for Lineage Eternal has been released at G-Star 2011 and it looks f*ing amazing.

The video, while in Korean, shows a massive castle siege taking place as the player makes his way through it, a few dungeons and ends with a boss fight. The massive amount of characters on the screen at once is impressive, the effects and graphics are outstanding and we get to see just how click’n hold combat works.

I have to say if this was being released along-side of Diablo 3, I wouldn’t even think about getting D3. This is easily on my top 3 Most Wanted list for 2012.

Check out the Lineage Eternal gameplay trailer below courtesy of MMOCulture.

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  1. I’d like to play a game where you ARE one of the monster so idly slaughtered. Showing the behind the scenes where the monster uses some sort of ressurection magic or something to keep coming back time and again, gaining buddies he can also raise, new gear, etc.

    I’d like to think of them as having lives, because really if I don’t respect the thing I fight, I don’t respect the fight.

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