BlizzCon 2015: Hearthstone Game Design Challenges

odPdnsKDid you hear the news? Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new Solo Adventure for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft during BlizzCon! Cool, right? Oh, and it’s coming out on Thursday, November 12. Nuts! A fact that enabled Ben Brode to reveal every single one of the 45 new cards. Craziness! Combine that with the normal secrecy around gameplay elements, save the Temple Run engagement, the design team pre-empted token questions. Fine with us, we hate asking them anyways! We get to the heart of the matter, the meat and potatoes of Hearthstone’s success, the numbers. Forty million people can’t be wrong, can they?

Oddly enough, this was my plan all along. On Thursday, I mentioned how I’ve let my Hearthstone knowledge lapse a bit. That forced me to plan a very game design and community-focused interview. For the most part, nothing changed with the surprise announcement of League of Explorers and its 45 cards.  

Let’s chat with senior game designer and voice of BlizzCon Ben Brode and senior software engineer Rachelle Davis to find out!