BlizzCon 2015: How Heroes of the Storm Remains Unique

Which head will you control?

The year 2015 was a hard reality for more than a few developers looking to break into the lucrative MOBA genre. As the fledgling genre has become more mainstream and more competitive titles, like Infinite Crisis, have failed to secure an audience largely due to a lack of diversification. Blizzard Entertainment read the writing on the wall during the early phases of Heroes of the Storm. The design team has since blown the MOBA community at large away with incredibly unique heroes, like Cho’Gall, Lost Vikings, Abathar or Murky, for its accessible take on the genre. Not to mention the relative baby steps the team’s Battlegrounds have brought.

Towers of Doom, Arenas, and the three new heroes means there’s plenty we could query technical director Alan Dabiri about. But you’re probably already aware of those morsels having followed our tweets of the Opening Ceremony or snatching your own Virtual Ticket complete with digital goodies. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on more high level questions. Concerns that guide the direction of Heroes of the Storm’s near and long-term future. Thoughts from the community and gems teased at the panels left unmined.