BlizzCon: Hearthstone Is Like The Universe, Infinite Expansion


Does the team behind Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ever stop working? Do they sleep? We’re not asking these questions in jest. We’re serious. We’re a bit worried about them. We’ve been told that sleep deprivation can do weird things to your mind, such as creating tri-class cards and letting players create their own spells. We’re just saying they’ve produced so much content inside a company known for taking it’s sweet time. The team is like that one kid in math class always breaking the curve.

We’re not complaining. We’re eating it up. The deck-building card game keeps it fresh with all this content. The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan may even be one step further, pulling a Harley Quinn on the Warcraft lore. You see, the mean streets are run by three distinct factions each with a unique leader. Leaders that have never existed in the Warcraft lore. Could they be added to World of Warcraft in the future? The dynamics of the factions are interesting so we certainly hope to see them in Legion or beyond!

Big ups to Shaktaji and xSeven of RallyPointBR for contributions.