BlizzCon: Is Anything Sacred to Heroes of the Storm?!


Blizzard Entertainment did not have had a new game to reveal. In the past that meant BlizzCon simply wouldn’t happen that year. That was then. The new Blizzard Entertainment has no shortage of properties. Properties that the company has built into platforms. The half dozen platforms can now hold down a show with major updates went the thinking and the reactions. Heroes of the Storm had perhaps the best kept secret the returns of two of the biggest characters in World of Warcraft.

The return of Varian Wrynn truly pulled at some all-to-recent sadness. But his slow walk among the Nexus tombstones to confront Ragnaros perked everyone’s interest. Then we found out the Fire Lord would be playable as well. With a hero kit that likened him to the raid boss you would expect. It’s at this point that I began to question whether the designers on Heroes of the Storm held anything sacred anymore. And if I actually care at all.