Bloodline Champions: Guardian and Stalker

As the upcoming release of FunCom’s Bloodline Champions approaches with the end of the year, more bloodlines are revealed to the gamers. Eager PvPers will be able to enjoy a wide variety of bloodlines (classes/characters) with which confront other gamers in this arena based MMO developed by Stunlock Studios.

So let’s have a look at the two new Bloodline Champions classes revealed over the last few days: Stalker and Guardian, though there is yet more to come very soon. Watch the video about the latest one, the Guardian, which also is the first female tank available.

Stalker bloodline, the name should be self explanatory regarding the skills of this highly skilled assassin, trained to stealth and perform their tasks swiftly and deadly. Aligned with the Othagur army Stalkers aren’t meek in combat either, relaying on their agility to deal a high amount of damage and disappear before more trouble arrives. Skills like Deviate, Shadow Strike, or Shadow Hunt make this bloodline dangerous and lethal.

Guardian bloodline is grouped along the tanks, well obviously I should add. Guardians are strong warriors who keep the Faith, upholding Th Symphony… originally, for now they also take care of other problems, like enemy spies, unruly commoners or anyone in need of a “cleansing”. But let the video explain about Guardian, and you’ll see for yourself.

Not bad for a female, huh? We’re sure all the PvP fans undoubtedly will, or already are, enjoying this game. And remember, soon more bloodlines will be revealed.