Uldum: My New Favorite Zone in Cataclysm

Where's my statue? I thought I was cool...

I don’t know what it is, but my entire life I have had two specific things in history that intrigued me the most. Medieval Warfare, and Egyptian Mythology. That heavily explains my biased opinion on why Uldum is the best zone in the game to date.

Blizzard has learned an enormous amount of information on how people like to quest and have Lore explained to them. Culminating everything together into one badass zone, we have Uldum. Upon entering the zone, you’ll see an in-game cinematic where you’re riding in a caravan that gets ambushed. You are then imprisoned in The Lost City of Tol’vir. From there, you’ll just have to see the specifics on your own.

Even if you just don’t care as much about the Egyptian cultural influence on the zone’s architecture as I do, this area has something for you. From helping the infamous Harrison Jones (I mean really, did you expect him NOT to be here?) to getting told by a computer to get over any “guilt” you may feel, you’ll get a mixed bag of quest types.

Blizzard has even thrown in a boatload of in-game cinematics, to the point that you’ll miss them when you’re finished with the zone. The Lore and objectives were often easier to understand in a simple pan through a room than if I was to read a paragraph of quest-text. Multiple times, I asked myself if I was playing a console game, rather than the WoW I’m used to, because of the advanced story-telling used to convey a central plot.

I felt I was playing Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy instead of questing my eyes out in Uldum. Kudos, Blizzard. You made me nostalgic, entertained, and energetic all at the same time!

Click through for my compilation of screenshots from Uldum, and a special video of… Gnomebliteration? (Editor’s Note: Sounds like my favorite pasttime!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Enjoy.

As I finish writing this, I’m about to return to questing, and that final push to hit the level cap yet again.

Where’s everyone else at? I blitzed so that I could start farming those heroics and regulars for gear ASAP and work on professions (maxed mining, BS is at 487). I’ll be going back and enjoying it all fully for the Loremaster of Cataclysm Achievement, and my many alts.


  1. Saw the quest, saw the objective and shouted at the computer at 2:00 in the morning “VIDEO TIME!”

    Had the song going through my head the entire time I was massacring the gnomes

  2. O.O

    Perfect song for a gnome massacre. It’s everyone’s new favorite pastime: Gnomebliteration! Why punt when you can gnomebliterate?!

  3. It really is fantastic. Hard to pin down a favorite new zone, to be honest. They’re all unique and interesting and beautiful in their own way, and I suppose that’s kind of the point. Aside from the vastly underused Crystalsong and maybe Grizzly Hills, every new zone (at least over the 80+ variety) blows everything else out of the water. And they’re generally much bigger than you’d think at first.

    If you haven’t picked up the expansion yet or you simply haven’t had much time to play, don’t worry at all. Any idea of Blizzard screwing over high-level players can roundly be put to rest.

  4. I REALLY hope this isn’t a Horde-specific quest…/pray!

    I really loved Hjyal for the sense of urgency that was imbued throughout the entire zone. Vashj’ir is absolutely STUNNING in it’s beauty (even playing at low settings), the variety of quests (Gnaws anyone?) and the entire story with the naga making them more of a sympathetic story instead of just some evil monsters. The tie-in with the Kvaldir also gives a great sense of continuity from Wrath.

    Just the fact that I’ve got to be careful as a tank or else I can actually DIE from regular quest mobs is great. There’s a challange and a re-learning that I think any old timer player can enjoy.

  5. no it’s not horde specific….

    it IS the Best zone ever made !!!!
    just finished it OMG i feel like getting another char to 83 again just to redo the zone again

  6. Finished Uldum today. Have to say it’s not my FAVORITE zone that honor so far goes to Vasj’ir. However, the vistas of Uldum, the quest lines and the incredible nature of the area is absolutely astounding for a desert area; much superior to Silithus or Tanaris IMO.

    And God help me, at the end of the Harrison Jones quest lines…’Auch!…”, very interesting twist there. I guess Harrison missed out on the short, bearded gene!

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