Bloodline Champions Nomad Profile

FunCom continues working its PvP arena-like MMO Bloodline Champions. This game offers an endless action experience, while you fight in several different modes to raise your rank. The game, though, is currently in closed beta phase and would change a lot in the months to come. There’s not much we can tell you about this MMO, for now, but the devs has recently released a video, showcasing the Nomad Bloodline (class) explaining the basics of how to play this range distance fighter.

Bloodline Champions is currently in closed beta phase, as aforementioned, and if you are curious about this MMO, pay a visit to the official website for more information. I am playing the beta and all I can tell you, for now, is that the game is fast, wild, with very good graphics and, most important, fun. We’ll see how the game evolves and we’ll tell you here, on MMOCrunch.

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