The New Mount Line-Up: Post-Patch 4.0.1 Riding

At 310% speed, this guy streaks blue across the sky.

For those of us who were lucky enough to score a 310% flying mount before Patch 4.0.1 hit, and also for those who didn’t but shelled out ~5k gold for the Master Riding skill, the time of fun has arrived. Well, technically, I suppose it arrived a couple weeks ago, but the whole moving thing delayed my ability to write this post.

Regardless, the time of fun has arrived! Those of us who now have Master Riding no longer have to choose one flying mount over another simply because of its speed. Now since all of our flying mounts will scale to 310%, we can once again give them each a chance to shine without sacrificing the ability to haul ass.

This, of course, means the re-introduction of my trusty old flying mount macro that I basically stopped using after acquiring Reins of the Onyxian Drake on a lucky roll. One of my first orders of business after getting my computer back up and running was firing that macro up, making a few additions, putting the button on my bar, and then spam-clicking the hell out of it for a few minutes, gleeful that it works.

At exactly the 255-character limit for macros, here’s mine:

/castrandom Sunreaver Dragonhawk,Albino Drake,Azure Netherwing Drake,Cobalt Netherwing Drake,Onyx Netherwing Drake,Violet Netherwing Drake,Blue Drake,Red Proto-Drake,Red Drake,Veridian Netherwing Drake,Onyxian Drake,Armored Blue Wind Rider,Celestial Steed

And although the Master Riding skill doesn’t specify, our previously non-100% speed ground mounts also got powered-up. So I’m adding in my Emerald and Turquoise Raptors back into the mix. Unfortunately, at least according to commenters on WoWhead, the buff does not apply to the Sea Turtle mount. Sad face.

Which mounts are you enjoying now with the speed-up? Alternatively for those of us who were still trying to complete What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been in lieu of purchasing the Master Riding skill, I was happy to also see during my hiatus that the award of the Violet Proto-Drake still will award the Master Riding skill, even post-Patch 4.0.1. For those of you who missed the blue post announcement, view it in full after the break.


I have a slight update to spread to the masses. We are going to be adding a hotfix for the achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. This hotfix will make it so that obtaining the Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake will award players Master riding.

The way in which 310% will be awarded is going to be a little quirky at first, but we plan to make it a more smooth process in a future patch. For now, you will need 280% flying in order to learn to use the Violet Proto-Drake. Once you mount the drake for the first time it will teach Master riding. The only catch is that you have to dismount and mount the drake again in order for 310% speed to take effect.

Also in mount-hoarding news, we likely only have a couple more weeks to try for a group of mounts going away in Patch 4.0.3 — The Shattering. Check out our list of those, and good luck in your remaining attempts!


  1. Great post Pixie.

    I have myself 103 mounts now, and still collecting. Still don’t have many of the ‘drop chance’ ones, raven lord, blue proto/drake, deathchargers reins, ZG raptor, ZG tiger.

    Oh, and I noticed something strange the other day, all my drake mounts, including the protos don’t flap their wings while flying, but they do when going backwards and hovering. Very odd indeed

  2. I don’t seem to understand!

    “And although the Master Riding skill doesn’t specify, our previously non-100% speed ground mounts also got powered-up. So I’m adding in my Emerald and Turquoise Raptors back into the mix. ”

    What’s going on with that paragraph? Wouldn’t that just mean that slow flyers were powered up or something? Not land mounts?

  3. Mounts, both flying and ground, scale with the training, not the mount itself. She was saying that because of this, she can use the previous 60% mounts that she liked while still being able to run at 100% speed.

  4. Also, Carlos, nice mounts D:

    And thanks also Nextgener for the recommendation. I don’t mind my macros, but I’m already at 3 and that is subject to increase further! I’ll give it a shot.

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