Cataclysm Countdown: Earthly Rumbles [Contest]

Missed BlizzCon this year? Didn’t buy your ticket in time for the epic loot you get? Then I’ve got what you need!

All you need to do, Lore Hounds is this:

  1. Find at least, 15 Easter Eggs. You know we’ve got them. We know we’ve got them. We know, you know, we know we’ve got them. Find ’em. They may be in a video, posts (as references and tags), or elsewhere. Good luck. Protip — check recent content. And at least one must be from a video.
  2. Follow @LoreHound on twitter (if you are not doing so already!)

In doing so, you shall earn this time:

You have until Saturday, November 13th at 12:00 a.m. PST to submit your entry. Click through for the details.

All entries are to be e-mailed to:


Your entry should contain a list of (at least) all 15 Easter eggs, and where you found them; along with your @name on Twitter.

The person who sends me the MOST correct answers by the contest’s close shall their very own BlizzCon 2010 Special Edition Authenticator. Good luck.

What’s that? Cataclysm is still a month away? Well start preparing. Even if you started three years ago, nothing will make you ready for Deathwing’s appearance. Entire villages are about to be razed to the ground. Only you can stop him… maybe.


  1. “You have until Saturday, October 11th at 12:00 a.m. PST to submit your entry.”

    That’s a rather long time, isn’t it? ;-)
    (Or I’m – again – way too late…)

  2. Don’t get too hung up on hitting the 15 mark. Still send in your entries even if you can only find 1.

    It’s just if you do hit the 15, well that’s just more of a bonus towards you to win.

  3. [Clarification]

    Any entries are accepted, those with 15+ have priority over those who do not.

    Hope this helps, send an email to address above, tweet at me @Laeltis, or comment here for further clarification (if needed).

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