New World of Warcraft Community Site Preview

Fansites don’t get to have all the fun! The true nexus of all things WoW has just undergone a significant revision of its own: the official World of Warcraft Community Site! The fact that it now falls under the banner of is really the least of it.

Many exciting changes are coming to World of Warcraft with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion, both in-game and out. We’re excited to offer you an early look at the new World of Warcraft community site, which will soon become the prime gathering spot and source of information for players on the web. You can read more about the transition from our existing website to the new one in our original announcement:…87366608&sid=1

As you’re exploring your future home, keep in mind that this is a live preview, and not all of the new features are ready quite yet. We want your feedback about the look and feel of the new site, so while you’re browsing, we encourage you to submit bug reports and make feature requests — let your voice be heard. Go ahead. Check it out!

New World of Warcraft Community Site:

Website Bug Reports:

Website Feature Requests:

Based roughly on the StarCraft II Community Site, nearly every element of the page is now in a new location, with the core menus aligned along the top and Armory-fueled activity feed for the character of your choice to the right side. Though it might take a little poking around to find out where they’ve stuck all the old bits and pieces, it’s a pretty slick package overall. Things are simply organized more effficiently, no longer a mess of small type and tabbed menus. Not to mention that it’s nice to  drop that ancient Wrath of the Lich King theme for something a little more timely and appropriate.

Some of the major sub-sections are still under wraps, such as the World of Warcraft Game Guide, which will no doubt undergo similar levels of improvement.

As mentioned in Zarhym’s post above, this is currently just a preview, with the final version of the site going live closer to the release of Cataclysm. For the time being, you can still access the old version through its traditional portal.

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  1. Gotta say, liking the new site and there forum’s already.

    Look’s like Alotta Sites getting into the “Change” with Cata on the horizon. Now if Curse can just become more streamlined. :P

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