Cataclysm Countdown: The Shattering [Contest]

Missed BlizzCon this year? Didn’t buy your ticket in time for the epic loot you get? Then I’ve got what you need!

All you need to do, Lore Hounds is this:

  • Find 1 Easter Egg. That’s right, just 1. You know we’ve got them. We know we’ve got them. We know, you know, we know we’ve got them. Find ‘em. They may be in a video, posts (as references and tags), or elsewhere. They may be intentional, or sometimes even unintended. If you think it’s an Easter Egg, chances are it will count. Good luck.
  • Follow @LoreHound on twitter (if you are not doing so already!)
  • Tell me, in your own words what it means to be a Lore Hound. Creativity counts here — make it hit it home. Try to make me cathartic.
  • You must have at least one WoW character that has earned the achievement [Tripping The Rifts] (this is WoW loot we’re giving away, afterall!!).

This time, the loot at stake is a barely-touched Dethling Statuette, the BlizzCon 2010 Exclusive Limited Edition Authenticator, and the ever exclusive, well-sought after BlizzCon 2010 Loot Card. This package is well worth ~$220 USD.

You have until Tuesday, December 7th to submit your entry.

I realize that I have been fickle in defining what I’m referring to as “Easter Eggs,” so here, at the end of all things, I will define what an Easter Egg is:

In our site content there are many things to be caught and referred to as “Easter Eggs” for select audiences that know what you are talking about. These things can be from a little flicker on the screen, to a pun, or something as blatant as a reference to another pop-culture meme. If you think it is an Easter Egg, chances are it is an Easter Egg.

Entries are to be sent to:


Your entry should contain —   An Easter Egg plus where you found it, along with your @name on Twitter,  your answer to the question above, and a link to your Armory page to prove your worth as a Hero of Azeroth.

Bonus points to those who can figure out the connection between December 7th being the release date to an expansion that is described to “change the world, forever.” This can be done in place of the Easter Egg because it technically counts..

The end is here! Deathwing The Destroyer is upon us! He has torn asunder the Elemental Plane, ravaging the world! What can we do to stop him? I don’t think we can — in the end we will all be consumed by his consecrating fire! Steal yourselves up, Heroes of Azeroth! Bide your time — for we will all surely die!

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  1. =( I love being a LoreHound, but I didn’t get to finish Tripping The Rifts because of school and work =(

    I will be getting my Deathy with my Collectors’ Edition though!! =D

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