Trickster Online Receives Content Update for 4th Anniversary

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Trickster Online recently celebrated its 4th anniversary with in-game festivities and competitions. To finish off the events with a bang, SG Interactive has prepared a major content update for Trickter Online‘s players to feast upon. Keeping in mind the new player experience, the developers are rolling out updated maps, a compass guide for quests, and an overhauled resurrection system.

Chris Lee, CEO over at SG Interactive, has been listening closely to player feed back over the past few months. He explains, “We’re confident that the upcoming additions will make it easier than ever for new players to join in the fun, and are very excited to be revealing this update as we finish celebrating Trickster Online’s 4th Anniversary!” Tutorial pop-ups and detailed guidance systems are in place to assist the wary adventurer as he/she steps out from the new player zone for the first time. The new resurrection system will allow players to respawn at the exact location of death, though players at or above level 20 will incur an XP loss.

Check out the game site for more details.