Cataclysm Digital Queue All Backed Up

So you thought you’d be skipping out on lines today, huh? Or needless Midnight Launch queues? Figured you’d be the smart guy and take a nap while you wait for your digital version of the expansion to download? Sorry, pal, but no such luck if you’ve waited this long to do it. As the headline implies, it seems as though the wait to download Cataclysm is currently at three+ hours (1 AM PST):

Picture courtesy of Twitter user PezRadar from Gearbox Software

Position 578,635?! No word on whether or not the wait will get better. It’s possible most digital downloaders have acted ahead of time and this is about the worst it’ll be. Or it could just be the start of an even longer wait ahead.


  1. I just tried to upgrade my account and there was no queue at all. Seems to have calmed down, or they quickly brought up some extra hardware. :-)

  2. Uhh yeah.. get this my que said 3 hours at 6pm on the 7th, i get up at 7 on the day after, and it went down to 2 53 minutes… in that long of a damn time peroid… this is gay

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