Cataclysm Video Preview: The Goblin

We have a couple of different thought processes here at Lore Hound when it comes to fans, leaks and the ever-looming Cataclysm in World of Warcraft. We have those of us who seek out any and all information we can possibly find in the deep, dark, secret alleys of the intertubes *cough* Amatera *cough*. We have a few commenters who’ve said they’re much more purist in where they get their information — they don’t want to see or read anything that’s not officially from Blizzard.

And then there’s most of us who, like myself, fall somewhere in between that chasm. For us — the purists and semi-purists, if you will, we often forget about a huge source of information — official information — that’s already open and available for legitimate mining. And that’s the game, as it stands now.

On that note, I present to you my newest pet-project — Cataclysm Video Previews. For this inaugural episode, I’ve taken in-game footage of Goblins going about their lives in WoW. Take away from it what you will – it’s simply a mashup of quests and random goblin-esque scenes scattered about Azeroth.

Because I had a lot to work with for this episode, I also include at the end a look back at the Lost Isles footage that Blizzard released at BlizzCon 2009. If you’re purist, turn it off after that part. Because the end is scenes of the lucky people who attended BlizzCon getting a shot at playing the Goblin. The footage isn’t very clear and I couldn’t get very close to get the shots, so you don’t see much beyond a goblin running through a tropical setting. But for some of you, that may still be too much – so shield those eyes!

And check back for more. Next up – the Worgen.


  1. Why do the goblins have to be horde. They have so much more backstory – thus more (known) character – than the worgen. But I can’t betray my liege and roll a dirty horde!

  2. I mean this as constructive criticism, but that really wasn’t great Pixie. The footage was fine, but without anything else to it, it became rather dull and boring for at least 6 minutes. I think it could have been easily improved by having you saying something in the background- What you think of the goblins, maybe some rumours (without giving away spoilers for those who don’t want them) or just random goblin facts from off Wowwiki. It needs you to be able to speak for most of it or it becomes uninteresting, even with the great soundtrack! Te he he.
    Take your zhevra FTH tribute, you may be rambling a bit, but it makes the video so much better than if you’d been silent, and the things you are saying are mostly good in terms of a journalistic stand point (saying how you got yours, and your personal feelings). I hope you take this the right way, and it allows you to improve when doing your worgen one.

    If anyone thinks it would have been worse if it had a commentary, please say so, since this could just be my lone opinion, but I just though you should know, in case anyone agrees with me that you can make it so much better by adding your soothing tones. =P

    Also @iTZKooPA Firstly, loving the beardless look. Secondly, I’m not that great when it comes to knowing about Lore, but better than the average player, but I don’t think I know that much more lore about goblins than worgen, there are just many more quests from goblin NPCs.
    Please correct me if I’m way off the mark, missing something -like I probably am. Either way it’s not betraying your liege to roll a dirty Horde unless you actually change your main. If that were to happen you would be burned at the stake!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Phanttas. Constructive criticism is always a good thing in my book :).

    This was one of those projects that seemed MUCH more epic when I first visualized the idea in my head. Actually, I was wondering myself if it was just too slow-paced, too empty of a video. But I’m not always the most accurate judge of my own work, so I let comments and direction from the audience guide me.

    I think my FTH videos, for the most part, have improved considerably with time, and I’ll see if I can do the same with this mini-series, too :D

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