CCP Announces EVE Online Commissioned Officer Edition Boxed Retail

CCP has just announced that they’re going to release a new boxed retail edition for EVE Online. The name is Commissioned Officer Edition and is coming this fall, mainly focused on new players. The updated package of the game includes an exclusive in-game item, the Cerebral Accelerator, a military-grade implant increasing the pilot’s skill development, though this boost only lasts for the first 30 days of the pilot’s life. Sorry, EVE vets.

If you buy this new boxed retail version of EVE Online, you’ll get a CD key for starting a new account, including the classic 30 days paid game subscription time and an EVE poster with hints and tips. You’ll be able to convert a free trial or buddy program into a full account, accessing all features granted to all EVE subscribers. Remember though, the exclusive in-game item, the Cerebral Accelerator, will be given to the first character created on the account only.

CCP has partnered with Atari for this releasing in North America, promising this will be the finest EVE Online edition ever. You can start pre-ordering in several game retailers, this edition won’t be available for digital download.

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