Other Worlds: Watching the Docks

Today, in Other Worlds, we bring you a nice pic taken by Delinor, our regular Age of Conan screenshots provider. As you can see she was climbing high, looking for what? Often, we just try to get to what it seems to be an unreachable place, but let Delinor just explain herself.

“Delinor climbed her way to the rooftops, away of the rustle on the streets of Old Tarantia, the sounds of merchants, guards on their rounds and citizens on their errands quickly fading away as she raised nimbly. Sneaking, she reached the edge and sat dangling her feet loosely on the air as she contemplated the docks below and the Commons district across the river, its buildings piling up from the river shore and along the hillside, right below the Noble District, clearly separated by high towering walls, everything white except for one building, a single tower made of iron, black and menacing like a shadow of an ominous future”

Thanks Delinor for this wonderful screenshot, keep sending more.

If you have nice pics, taken in your favorite MMOs, why don’t you share them with everyone? Send your screenshots to hecteron@gmail.com, we’ll have a close look at them and if we like what we see, we’ll publish them here, on Other Worlds.