Celebrating Dungeons & Dragons Online – Update 4 By Playing The Game

That’s right folks, I am simply not content with capturing zombie pirates on a camcorder, HD or not.  I must get in the game and face them myself.  The fact of the matter is that I refuse to play this game alone.  To remedy this situation I have recruited Lore Hound’s own Amatera to adventure with me.  But that only makes up one-third of a party.  Here’s an open invitation to come join me and Amatera in some barrel smashing, mob targeting, free-to-play fun.

We’re going to play Dungeons & Dragons Online starting around 11:00 AM EST on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday) starting Sunday, April 11th on the Khyber server.  That means you have just a few days to make an account, grab the client, research which class you’d like to play and get out of the tutorial zone.

Perks from Turbine and Lore Hound after the jump.
In celebration of the release of Update 4 and the Sentinels adventure pack, Turbine has also unleashed a Bonus XP event upon us.  Players have been receiving a 10% bonus from quest turn-ins since April 6, and will continue to until April 18.  That’s quite an event.  Not content with a measily 10% bonus?  Grab a batch of XP Super Stacks for an additional 10% (or more) to all XP earned.

“But iTZKooPA” you begin to lament, “The game is no longer free-to-play if I buy such an item.”  Fear not stingy gamer, Lore Hound has you covered.  While supplies last party members will be given a code to redeem for 500 Turbine Points.  That’s almost enough points to purchase the Warforged or Drow Elf races, let alone XP elixirs.

To start off on level playing field we are both rolling new characters (I actually can’t remember my login information, and can’t recover it either).  We suggest you do the same.  Please drop a comment on this post if you think you are going to make it and stayed tuned for any and all updates.


  1. If only the game was based within the Forgotten Realms setting rather than Eberron. Then I might be more interested.

  2. Now I wished I didn’t already start the game and lvled my ranger on Khyber, well maybe when you guys are higher lvl.

  3. Damn it. I’ve been looking for a new group to hit up the latest update with. Of course my only problem is that it will take me a day or two to download the DDO install files, then all the patching. Stuck with free apartment wi-fi for another week.. FAIL.

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