Zhevra Still Available for Recruit a Friend, For Now (Plus a Special FTH Tribute)

Earlier this week, we heard the unexpected news that a sensational X-53, dual-passenger Touring Rocket that scales up to 310 percent speed is soon to become the new reward for recruiting a friend to play WoW.  The only downside – this means the retirement of the Swift Zhevra mount that until now has been the reward.

But not so fast! We just got word that you may still have time to get your own Zhevra, if you haven’t yet. Blizz Blue poster Nethaera just gave some of us reason to celebrate.

While we had originally announced the new Recruit-A-Friend X-53 Touring Rocket reward would be coming in just a few short days, it turns out there are still a few bolts to tighten, some loose wires to tuck inconspicuously under the upholstery, and a handful of parts leftover that we’re going to ponder and then assume we can safely throw away. As a result, we’ll be releasing this beauty a bit later than we’d first anticipated. This will also give anyone interested in the current Zhevra mount reward some extra time to claim one. While we don’t have an exact release date nailed down yet, we’ll make an announcement once the new mount becomes available.

Unfortunately, this also means that we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the X-53 in action. But it’s not a bad idea for those of us who want it as soon as it comes out to go ahead and start the Recruit-a-Friend process so when it does come out, you’ll be ready.

And now in tribute, a special short episode of For the Hoard in honor of the Zhevra mount, one of my faves now and always.

How many of you were lucky enough to get your own Zhevra? Those of you who haven’t, will you still try? And who’s already planning for that X-53?


  1. sounds more like marketing trick to squeeze last bucks out of zhevra

    but as always nice to see more of pixie

  2. I can’t wait to get my rocket! I’m real big on helping lowbies and newbs explore so the rocket will be a hoot in terms of exploring say, Northrend with them from the sky and helping them get excited about leveling there.

  3. I do love the song here too…though I may be dating myself, perhaps At This Moment by Billy Vera and the Beaters would’ve been good too LOL

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