Champions Online Comic Series #2 Release Date Announced

Cryptic released its answers to July’s community questions today revealing the released date for Champions Online second comic series.  Comic Series #2 will be be released on Nov 1st, 2011 and will included 5-6 issues.

We are working on streamlining the process so we can get new series out to you sooner. Currently we have 1 group dedicated to the Comic Series and plan to get another group starting on another Comic Series to reduce the wait between each Comic Series. That second group is currently working on some top secret Confrontation “rumbles” and other soon to be announced events.

Cryptic also released new information about their new Confrontation “rumbles”,

We are currently developing and testing a new “Confrontation” or “Villain Alerts” system to be introduced to Champions Online:Free for All in a future update. The Champions Universe is filled with many nefarious villains. We really want to tap into that lore to provide you with more new and exciting opportunities to defeat these evil forces. The content in this system will have you rescuing civilians, stopping bank heists, and thwarting the plots of evil doers everywhere. The goal is to let you live through some truly classic, comic book like events.

The QA is pretty lengthy and touches on a lot of issues and upcoming events.  If you want to see the full FAQ, head over to the CO site.